Installation & Interpretation

Tonality Systems Press is interested in collaborations with visual artists and has been commissioned for a number of technology projects involving the development of digital installations to support visual artists. These include:

Sounds of Spurn (2012)
Textile artist Alice Fox’s Sounds of Spurn exhibition was supported by a slideshow and 2-channel electroacoustic work based on field recordings from the area.

The Fabric of the Building (2011)
Alice Fox’s The Fabric of the Building also includes an algorithmic projection which virtually stitches and un-stitches a series of abstract designs by the artist.


Sense of Place  (2010) – High Cross House, Dartington
An ambient audio-visual installation supporting the textile work of Jilly Edwards. This installation employed multiple digital photo-frames and studio realisations of Nigel Morgan’s composition Sense of Place for guitar and digital media.