Variable Instrumentation

Works by Nigel Morgan

Quatuor Des Timbres  
four players (variable instrumentation of diverse timbres)
20 min [info & download]

Self-Portrait (2002)  
seven musicians
8-12 min [info & download]

variable ensemble
20min [info & download]

Possible Worlds
performer with MIDI technology
15 min [info & download]

Contrapuntal Forms (Music for Sculptures)
four diverse instruments
10 min [info & download]

Ascending Form (Music for Sculptures)
solo instrument and drones
7 min [info & download]

Quiet Form (Music for Sculptures)
three instruments (alto, contrabass and harmony instrument)
9 min [info & download]

Conversation with Magic Stones (Music for Sculptures)
solo contrabass instrument and optional small ensemble (fl, ob, cl, tpt, tbn)
10 min [info & download]

Heart of The Rock (concert version)
a song sequence for mezzo-soprano voice and three players (melody, harmony, rhythm)
words by Ray Howard-Jones
20 min [info & download]